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Skin Tightening & Cellulite Treatment 

Velashape is a safe and effective FDA cleared non surgical device for reducing the appearance of cellulite and for body reshaping.  

 Most patients see gradual results throughout the treatment program with a dramatic difference in as few as three to six sessions. 

The treatment is painless, requires no downtime, and can be done as often as desired to achieve the desired outcome. With velashape you can be treated for circumferential reduction on the thighs, buttocks, love handles, and abdomen.  

How does the treatment work? 
The combined radiofrequency and light energies target the cellulite while the gentle massaging and suction action work to disperse it. By treating both the upper and lower layers of the dermis, Velashape reduces the size of fat cells to produce great long lasting results without the risks of cosmetic surgery.

Who can benefit from the treatments? 
- Anyone who feels they have cellulite
- Anyone who has lost weight and needs the skin tightened 
- Any female post pregnancy
- Anyone who has stubborn fatty tissue area(s)

Treatment Areas: 
below the chin
love handles
inner thighs
back along bra line
upper arms