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Weight  Loss Program Medical Cannibus 

First Visit New Patients  ​  $ 180 + tax 
Medical History and Physical Exam
Evaluation of current diet habits and lifestyle 
Screening for depression and other mental illness that may be      contributing to weight problems 
Ordering and/or review of essential labs 
      (thyroid, blood chemistry profile, cholesterol, insulin)
EKG to evaluate heart health and screen for an enlarged heart
Blood pressure check
Evalution of weight and BMI 
Counseling regarding lifestyle and diet modifications 
30 day supply of prescription weight loss medication
Administration of B-12 injections with lipotropic fat burners  
Weekly weight check (optional)
Weight Loss Program 
Needing to lose 10 or 100 pounds? Try our medically supervised weight loss program to help achieve your weight loss goal and keep it off!
Follow Up Visits (every 30 days) $35-$100 + tax 
First visit Price applies to:
  a. New patients whom we have never seen before
  b. former patients to Enchantment Healthcare whose last visit was longer         than 12 months prior.

If you are a current patient, and all the above has already been obtained then the price would be similar to the below follow up visit prices.

Included Services: 
Medications dispensed to you for weight loss for 1 month 
Nutritional supplements  to support healthy weight loss 
Administration of B-12 injection
Review of current diet and lifestyle 
Blood pressure check
Evaluation of weight and BMI 
Oversight and monitoring of your weight 
One on one visit with S Johnson PA-C as needed for medication changes 
Guidance, education, and support for your needed weight loss goals 
Weekly Weight check ​

Included Services: 
What to expect and why the range in price? 
If you are doing well on the current medication and do not require additional supplements, counseling, or change in medication the price will be less.
If you require additional medications or need additional guidance the price can increase depending on services and medications given. 
I lost all that weight and now what? 

Check out our treatments for skin tightening and firming! 
Current patient Results;

37 y/o female starting weight 236#
3 months later 203# and still losing!  

32 y/o female starting weight 183#                 5 months later 166# and still losing! 

30 y/o female starting weight 237#, 2 months later 221# and still losing!